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Applicator Extra

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What it is: 

  • At-home insemination kit designed for at-home IVI (intravaginal insemination) 
  • Sperm applicator works with donated & ejaculated semen 
  • Soft Tip transforms Applicator into Applicator Extra for enhanced comfort 
  • 1 Cycle pack includes: 3x Applicators, 3x Soft Tips (only Applicator Extra), 3x semen collection cups, 1x instructional manual

Best for folks who:

  1. Experience discomfort & pain during penetration 
  2. Want to get pregnant without sex 
  3. Have a lower sex drive than your partner 
  4. Don’t want to waste time in between IVF cycles 
  5. Want to complement IUI with home fertility aids 

This medical device is single-use only.

Need more expert advice on our fertility aids? Whatsapp our friendly Fertility Concierge here.

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  • Maximise Semen Transfer

    Maximize semen transfer

    More sperm now reach the egg with the Soft Tip 🚀

  • Single-hand use

    No medical help needed 😉

  • At-home Insemination

    At-home IVI kit

    Skip the stress & hassle of scheduled sex 🧘

  • SG APP PDP revamp 1

    Enhanced comfort

    All thanks to our innovative rounded barrel! ☁️

The Applicator Extra Sperm Syringe vs. A Normal Syringe

  • Applicator Extra Sperm Syringe

    Minimal leakage 

    • Soft Tip reduces immediate leakage out of vagina 
    • Rounded barrel ensures >90% of semen leaves syringe

    Maximum comfort 

    • Soft Tip increases comfort during vaginal insertion
  • Normal Syringe

    Minimal to moderate leakage

    • No Soft Tip 
    • Pointed barrel = some semen is left behind in syringe

    Minimal comfort 

    • Most normal syringes have a pointed barrel without Soft Tip

Success Stories

Beth, 31

“The Applicator Extra was incredibly easy to use. It was more comfortable than inserting a tampon. We tried for 4 cycles and I got pregnant 2 of those times.”

Rajesh*, 37, and wife, 35

“We got mosie kit too. But yours worked better. We liked the ease of use of the Applicator Extra and its ability to hold the semen within the cervix better. With mosie, it would ooze out the semen more."

J, mid-30s

“I have very mild vaginismus. My husband and I used an ordinary syringe that didn’t work. We then tried the Applicator Extra just once & we got pregnant on our very first try!”

 K.C., 27

“The syringes from sperm banks are standard plastic syringes and not every drop of the sample is released. The Applicators have a comfortable fit and design, and help us get every drop of the sample out of the syringe.”

how to use twoplus Applicator Extra

How To Use the Applicator Extra

Step 1: Set the stage

step 1 set the stage with semen collection

Deposit semen into the collection cup. If it can't be used immediately, store the cup (with lid on) for at most 1 hour under room temperature.

Step 2: Fill it up with semen

step 2 fill collection cup with semen

Tilt the collection cup at an angle before placing the sperm syringe in. Next, pull the plunger to draw semen into the Applicator.

Step 3: Suit up with the Soft Tip*

step 3 suit up with Soft Tip twoplus Applicator Extra

Hook the Soft Tip onto the Applicator — make sure the Soft Tip aligns with the exit hole of the barrel. Voila! It’s now the Applicator Extra.

*Only applicable to the Applicator Extra.

Step 4: Lube up (optional)

step 4 lube up with Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant_ac035c11 cc9b 48e9 81ff 8522e0d01502

For an easy glide, lubricate the end of the Soft Tip and your vagina with Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant.

Step 5: Self-inseminate away 

step 5 self inseminate with twoplus sperm Applicator

Get into a sit-up position or lie on your back & ensure the Soft Tip faces your body. Self-inseminate away! (Tip: Ask your partner for help if needed.)

Step 6: Keep the Soft Tip in*

step 6 keep twoplus Applicator Extra soft tip inside

Once the deed is done, remove the Applicator & keep the Soft Tip inside you for 1 hour. Feel free to move about while waiting!

*Only applicable to the Applicator Extra.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Worked on first cycle

I’m here to tell you it works. We tried IUI twice and failed. We tracked my ovulation using the kits and inseminated on peak day. 14 days later we tested for a positive pregnancy. We have since had our baby boy back in November and cannot wait to use this kit again.

Pregnancy success with Applicator

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant after having used the applicator. I used to read the reviews on here and be dubious but I genuinely recommend this to anyone struggling with conception for any reason; particularly those with Vaginismus.

Fab product, worked for first time

What a fantastic product. After a failed round of IVF I was told I had <9% chance of conceiving at my age naturally (41). I used the product the day before, during and after ovulation and it we are now pregnant! ❤️ I worry how many other ladies are being told they need costly, invasive treatments when in fact nature just needs a helping hand.


Applicator Extra


I managed to conceive using applicator extra in my first cycle. Sadly, I had a missed miscarriage. After that, my husband and I used syringes (from pharmacy stores) that were very painful. After 3 unsuccessful cycles, we brought 6 cycles of applicator . And I am now pregnant just in the first cycle again!! I strongly recommend every couple to give applicator extra a go!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Both the Applicator Extra and Applicator let you easily self-inseminate in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The Applicator Extra sports the unique Soft Tip accessory, which makes insertion more comfortable and reduces immediate semen loss from the vagina post-insemination.

General statistics show that 84% of people get pregnant after 1 year of procreative sex. On average, our twoplus customers take 6-8 months to conceive with the Applicator Extra and Applicator. 

For these reasons, we highly recommend that you get the 3-Cycles or 6-Cycles pack and continually try for at least 3 cycles. Remember, good things take time and consistency is key here ❤️

The sperm syringes, Soft Tip accessory, and semen collection cup are all single-use items

Reusing any of the items may lead to an infection. Re-sanitizing or sterilizing them also compromises their structural integrity. If you are trying for more than 1 cycle, we recommend that you get the 3-Cycles or 6-Cycles pack.

Once self-insemination is completed, do dispose of the syringe, Soft Tip, and collection cup. 

If you are experiencing discomfort or pain during penetrative sex or simply prefer the convenience of self-insemination, this at-home insemination kit fits your needs to a T. It was designed to meet our exacting standards, and has undergone rigorous research and testing. 

The Applicator Extra and Applicator also allow semen to bypass the naturally acidic lower vaginal tract and be deposited near the cervical entrance. This also means that more sperm survive and reach the egg. 

Our sperm applicators are specially designed for couples to perform at-home insemination comfortably and in full privacy. 

Thanks to the rounded barrel and one-of-a-kind Soft Tip, our Applicator Extra and Applicator have been carefully crafted to maximize comfort. 

You should not feel any discomfort when using this at-home insemination kit. To minimize the odds of discomfort, kindly read the instructions included in the kit carefully.

In the unlikely event that you experience pain, irritation, or any form of discomfort during the insemination process, please stop immediately and consult your primary care physician or gynaecologist.

Ideally, our sperm syringe should be used when you are at your most fertile. On average, the fertile period lasts about 5-6 days, inclusive of your ovulation day. 

Need some help in identifying your unique fertile window? Check out Ovulation Pro Read to receive personalized guidance from our fertility experts.

If you’re seeing air bubbles when you draw semen from the collection cup, don’t worry! It’s completely normal and won’t affect the self-insemination process. 

Avoid pressing the plunger downward to remove any air bubbles as this would cause the semen to leak out. Remember time is of the essence, so you’ll need to work fast and move on to depositing sperm in the vagina.

Rest assured that it’s completely normal for semen to leak out of the vagina, no matter the insemination method. 

However, using the Applicator Extra with its Soft Tip accessory helps to reduce immediate semen loss after self-insemination. 

With the Soft Tip sitting inside you for 1 hour post-insemination, you no longer need to raise your hips and can even move around comfortably. Self-insemination will never be a messy affair again 😉

Yes, our at-home insemination kits have a shelf life of two years, including the Applicator Extra’s Soft Tip accessory.

Things not working out?

twoplus Fertility’s home conception sets are backed-by-science and quality is assured. However, we understand that things just don’t work out sometimes. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis. Drop us a line and we’ll work it out with you!

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