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5-Month Fertility Plan

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Get pregnant in 5 months with our fertility-focused lifestyle plan (worth S$973.70). 


  • 3 months of Ovulation Pro Read, personalized ovulation tracking done by fertility experts (worth S$188.70) 
  • 5 months’ supply of Applicator Extra (3-pack), a sperm syringe for easy self-insemination with donated or ejaculated sperm (worth S$490) 
  • 5 months’ supply of CoQ10 Gummies for each couple to enjoy CoQ10 supplement benefits for fertility (worth S$295) 
  • 5 months of complimentary Fertility Buddy, a white-glove concierge service for all your pressing fertility questions 

Consistency is key. For best results, use the plan at the recommended frequency (see product pamphlet). 

Need more expert advice on our 5-Month Fertility Plan? Whatsapp our friendly Fertility Concierge here

Get pregnant in 5 months or get S$300 refunded.

The twoplus Cashback Guarantee gives you the assurance you deserve on your conception journey.

If you still don’t get pregnant after using the 5-Month Fertility Plan, you’re entitled to S$300 refund.

Why do I need the 5-Month Fertility Plan?

Good fertility doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time and effort to build a fertility-focused lifestyle and get pregnant faster.

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while now or want to jumpstart your conception journey with ease, the 5-Month Fertility Plan is ideal for you and your partner.

Work toward pregnancy success in 5 months with our fertility essentials & expert guidance!

How does the 5-Month Fertility Plan work?

A stress-free, fertility-focused lifestyle to help you get pregnant in 5 months or get S$300 refund.

  • step 1 buy twoplus 5-Month Fertility Plan online

    Step 1

    Purchase the 5-Month Fertility Plan online — fuss-free & discreet!

  • step 2 5-Month Fertility Plan delivered to you monthly

    Step 2

    Every month, twoplus’ fertility essentials* are delivered right to your doorstep. 

    *Ovulation Pro Read will be delivered for the first three months only.

  • step 3 WhatsApp your Fertility Buddy concierge service

    Step 3

    Upon purchase, you’re automatically enrolled into our Fertility Buddy concierge service. Look out for a WhatsApp DM from your Buddy!

  • step 4 ovulation tracking with Ovulation Pro Read to find fertile window

    Step 4

    From day 1, track your ovulation with Ovulation Pro Read. Uncover your unique fertile period for the best time to get pregnant.

  • step 5 self-inseminate with twoplus Applicator Extra sperm syringe

    Step 5

    Skip the stress of scheduled sex & self-inseminate with the Applicator Extra during or near ovulation day.

  • step 6 supplement with twoplus CoQ10 Gummies every day

    Step 6

    On a daily basis, take CoQ10 Gummies to support healthy egg quality & sperm motility. When needed, ping your Fertility Buddy for 1:1 support. 

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Hooray! You’re on your way to pregnancy success 🎉

Witness the results of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We understand the journey you're on and we're here to share some of the financial load. If you still don’t get pregnant after using our 5-Month Fertility Plan, you'll qualify for S$300 refund.

To be eligible for the twoplus Cashback Guarantee, kindly ensure that you have fulfilled the following criteria and guidelines:

  • You and your partner are within the reproductive age of 21-44 years old from when you purchased the 5-Month Fertility Plan.
  • You have menstrual cycles*.
  • You have stopped all forms of birth control for at least 3 months before using the 5-Month Fertility Plan.
  • You are at least 12 months postpartum before using the 5-Month Fertility Plan.
  • You have completely stopped breastfeeding for at least 3 months before using the 5-Month Fertility Plan.

    *You can still use the 5-Month Fertility Plan if you experience irregular periods. Simply drop us a note at the checkout page and we’ll get in touch with more details.

The 5-Month Fertility Plan includes: 

  • 3 months of Ovulation Pro Read (valued at S$188.70) 
  • 5 sets of Applicator Extra (3-pack) (valued at S$490)
  • 10 bottles of CoQ10 Gummies (valued at S$295)
  • 5 months of complimentary Fertility Buddy concierge service  

For the first 3 months, your monthly package will include: 

  • 1 month of Ovulation Pro Read 
  • 1 set of Applicator Extra (3-pack)
  • 2 bottles of CoQ10 Gummies (for you & your partner) 
  • 1 month of Fertility Buddy concierge service 

For the last 2 months, your monthly package will include: 

  • 1 set of Applicator Extra (3-pack)
  • 2 bottles of CoQ10 Gummies (for you & your partner) 
  • 1 month of Fertility Buddy concierge service

Absolutely! We understand that life can throw you curveballs, so feel free to pause and resume your plan whenever needed. You'll remain eligible for our Cashback Guarantee as long as you fulfill the terms and conditions. 

Please email to request an extension of your eligibility duration. Do note that we retain the right to terminate your plan in instances of customer misuse or abuse.

The Fertility Buddy concierge service is an exclusive perk for twoplus customers who have purchased the 5-Month Fertility Plan. 

Get your questions answered and receive personalized fertility tips tailored to your and your partner’s conception needs while maintaining complete anonymity to protect your privacy. 

All you need is an active WhatsApp account registered with your mobile number!

Once you've purchased the 5-Month Fertility Plan, we've got you covered with a detailed, easy-to-understand instruction pamphlet. No lengthy essays here; we keep it short and sweet to fit into your busy lifestyles. 

Congratulations! Reach out to us at We'll guide you through a short survey and start the refund process on a pro-rated basis. 

To set you up for pregnancy success, no cancellation of the 5-Month Fertility Plan is allowed to ensure you stay committed to using our products for the full duration of five months.

Have more questions? Simply write in to our customer support at For more information, please read our terms and conditions

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

This applicator was a godsend for us, after 4 months of unsuccessful conception and disappointments, we decided to try this without any expectations. We timed the usage to the correct day of ovulation cycle and little did we know that this will unlock the world of happiness for us. We had successful pregnancy on the same month and now our baby boy is 3 months old. I recommend this product to those who are trying to get pregnant and I hope this helps you as well. Thank you twoplus fertility.


Very easy to use thank you


Great works really well, really easy to use- it takes the stress away. Dont know if its worked yet, but fingers crossed.

Size and Measurements

The syringe size is too small because not sure that fully penetrates the vagina and no measurement indicates semen volume.


My husband and I decided to try this home insemination kit because both of us are feeling the pressure of having to do it on a specific schedule during my ovulation date. It was getting to my both of us and we just felt like it became a chore to do than enjoying it. We finished one box and on the 2nd box we started with the first kit and I got pregnant! Currently 14 weeks 😁😁