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CoQ10 Gummies

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Taking your daily fertility supplements doesn’t have to be a drag. These CoQ10 chewables are easy to consume. Most importantly, they support healthy egg quality and sperm motility.

Every bottle contains 60 gummies. Each chewable is packed with 100mg of CoQ10, 300mcg of vitamin B12, and 100mg of goji berry extract.

Lowered CoQ10 Decline
Easy to Consume
Money Back Guarantee

Recommended Dosage: Two gummies per day, unless advised otherwise by your primary care physician or gynaecologist.

Store these Coenzyme Q10 gummies in a cool, dry, and dark place that's below 25°C. Keep them out of the reach of children.

How the twoplus Fertility CoQ10 Gummies Benefit You

CoQ10 is an important substance for both men and women, as it helps to maintain healthy sperm motility and egg quality. Unfortunately, our body produces less of this very substance as we age.

To keep your CoQ10 levels up, supplement your diet with twoplus Fertility’s CoQ10 Gummies! Swallowing large pills is a thing of the past with these chewable gummies that bear the pleasant flavour of goji berries. These gummies allow you and your partner to combat the effects of age-related fertility declines.

How do the CoQ10 Gummies and CoQ10 With Vitamin B1 differ?

Wondering what the differences between twoplus Fertility’s two CoQ10 supplements are? We’ve got you covered. However, please note that your digestive tract is able to absorb both supplements with equal effectiveness.

  • CoQ10 Gummies

    - 300mcg of vitamin B and 100mg of CoQ10

    - Two gummies per day

    - Mildly sweet and goji berry-flavoured

    - Soft and easy to chew

  • twoplus CoQ10 bottle with pills

    CoQ10 With Vitamin B1

    - 165mcg of vitamin B and 100mg of CoQ10

    - 1-3 capsules per day

    - No added flavours

    - Simply swallow to consume

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shu Wei Ang

Absolutely love it in the gummy format


Have been wanting to start preparing my body for a baby next year! Starting on this gummies was a simple and fuss free choice. Can't wait to try the rest of the products.


These CoQ10 gummies are such a fun alternative supplement for me while trying to conceive, it tastes great and easy to consume as compared to pills. I have also recommended them to my friends who are trying to conceive!


I've been so excited about these gummies since I've bought them. It's slightly sweet and soft. Got one for my hubby too since he kept eating my gummies. Now, the first thing we do after our morning routine is to remind each other to eat one before leaving for work.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) does exist naturally in a number of food sources (legumes, fruits, etc.), but only in a low concentration. That’s why this key substance is recommended as a fertility supplement for both males and females. Remember, CoQ10 declines with age and it is important in maintaining healthy eggs and sperm.

The main role of CoQ10 for men and women who are trying to get pregnant is to support their fertility health. It is a powerful antioxidant that exists in all our cells, reducing free radical levels and promoting cellular energy reproduction. Supplementing your diet with CoQ10 ensures that both you and your partner are in tip-top shape.

You should not be consuming more than two gummies per day, unless your primary care physician or gynaecologist has advised otherwise. These CoQ10 chewables can be taken with other supplements, but do not consume them along with warfarin, insulin, and chemotherapy medication.

CoQ10 supplements are generally considered safe for both men and women, as long as you adhere to the recommended dosage. You might experience mild symptoms like mild discomfort and decreased appetite, but these are rare.

However, if you are currently on any form of medication, do speak with your primary care physician or gynaecologist and determine whether it’s suitable for you to consume CoQ10 supplements.

This chewable CoQ10 supplement has not received halal certification yet, but watch this space for more details soon.

These Coenzyme Q10 gummies are non-GMO. However, each gummy does contain a tiny amount (2g) of sugar. Additionally, please note that these supplements are not suitable for individuals who are allergic to goji berry.

You should store the CoQ10 Gummies in a cool, dry, and dark place that’s below 25°C. It’s best to consume the gummies within a month once opened.

Both supplements have the same dose of CoQ10 and our digestive tracts can absorb them with the same level of effectiveness. Essentially, the CoQ10 Gummies are easier to chew and have a mildly sweet goji berry taste. It’s a perfect alternative for individuals who would prefer not to swallow capsules.

Things not working out?

twoplus Fertility’s home conception sets are backed-by-science and quality is assured. However, we understand that things just don’t work out sometimes. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis. Drop us a line and we’ll work it out with you!

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