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  • Applicator Extra (3-pack) 
  • CoQ10 With Vitamin B1 

Good things come in threes with the Applicator Extra (3-pack) for 3x self-insemination during your fertile window. This self-insemination sperm syringe deposits semen higher up the vaginal tract for better chances of sperm survival.

Pair it with our CoQ10 With Vitamin B1 to address your body’s age-related decline in CoQ10 production.

Which is better for you?

The DIY For Conception Kit:

All about the Applicator Extra

The Partner Up Kit:

All about the Sperm Guide

Say no to the stress of scheduled sex.

Sync sex for conception and for pleasure.

3x self-insemination within your fertile window.

4x semen deposit within your fertile window.

Slightly longer and just as thick as the average tampon.

Only the flap (about 5 cm in length) is inserted into the vagina.

Do it solo with ejaculated sperm.

Cosy up with your significant other.

Ideal when: 

  • Sex-to-conceive is no longer fun for you.
  • Penetrative sex is painful.
  • You’re working with a sperm donor.
  • You have trouble with ejaculation and erection at times.

Ideal when: 

  • You need an extra boost to keep sperm in there during sex for conception.
  • You want some help with a conception aid and still maintain skin-to-skin contact during lovemaking.

How they got pregnant with twoplus

  • Pregnant couple

    “Since the Applicator is much less invasive, simpler, more affordable, and could be self-administered at home, we decided to give it a go.

    It was really easy to use; there was no discomfort at all!

    We used it 4 times during my ovulation window, and successfully got pregnant again.”

    – C. Poh, 32 (Read her story here.)

  • Celena with husband and baby after giving birth after successful usage of Sperm Guide

     “When I saw the Sperm Guide, it was quite small and didn’t look very threatening. My husband and I decided to give the device a try, and found success!

    We now have a healthy baby after using the twoplus Fertility Sperm Guide thrice.”

    – Celena, 34 (Read her story here.)

Want to know more about our conception kits? You can read more about the Applicator Extra and the Sperm Guide.