Trying for a Baby? Hear It From Those Who Got Pregnant With twoplus!

Behind every pregnancy success story is a twoplus customer who got pregnant with our products. If you’re embarking on your own journey to parenthood, these early pregnancy stories are for you. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice.


If you're 25 - 29 years old

A Happenchance Helped This Couple Conceive In Just One Attempt For N. Fiz

Here’s how they went from multiple negative pregnancy tests to a big fat positive. Read all about their pregnancy journey and more below. 

“My name is N. Fiz, 28 years old this year and I work as a Logistics Admin. My husband is a year older and works as an Events Planner. We were TTC naturally for around a year before we decided to seek alternative conception options.

We did face some discomfort when it came to procreative sex and was waiting for our fertility specialist appointment when we tried the Applicato Extra. But that’s now history given that we are pregnant!

During this 1 year and 2 months of trying for a baby, we made no lifestyle changes.

We would definitely recommend the Applicator Extra. The idea of using a conception device might be a little weird to most, but I would really urge those who have been TTC to keep an open mind and give it a shot. Afterall, the twoplus Fertility Applicator Extra is backed by science and designed with experienced fertility specialists.” 

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Where IUI and Clomid Failed, twoplus Sperm Guide Succeeded for 28-year-old Soh

Soh, a 28-year-old tutor who spent the last 18 months TTC-ing with her husband finally got pregnant after a failed IUI cycle and TCM treatments.

“I'm 28, a tutor, and my husband is 31, doing tech and operations. We have been trying to conceive for 18 months before we tried using twoplus.

We had just failed our IUI cycle and were taking a break from it before trying it again. The plan was to do alternate months so that I could give my body a break from all the medication.

Knowing that hubby has teratozoospermia, we understand that every sperm counts. People say things like "lying down after intercourse doesn't matter" and "the backflow doesn't affect conception."

But when you've struggled with infertility, you know that yes, maybe to others, it doesn't matter, but for us, every single sperm (especially healthy sperm!) counts, and we don't want to lose any in the process. The Sperm Guide seemed like a good way to help maximise our chances [of getting pregnant].

I like that the Sperm Guide is flexible and soft. You don't actually feel much after you put it in.

Hubby said that the sensation took some getting used to but was not in any way painful. We used to have intercourse before bedtime, so I would not get up the whole night after and keep all the sperm in there. But with the Sperm Guide, I need not lie down afterwards.

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If you're 30 - 34 years old 

Applicator Extra Helped a Lady Get Pregnant After Being Rejected From Fertility Clinics for High BMI 

Maria*, and her husband, 37, wanted to try IVF after TTC-ing for 3 years. But she was rejected by fertility clinics for her high BMI. Just before they gave up, her husband ordered the Applicator Extra for one last try, which turned out to be a success! 

“As my BMI is higher than 30, the fertility clinics didn’t want to support us with IVF.  I didn’t have any medical conditions and tracked my ovulation every month. 

When we wanted to stop trying, my husband wanted to give it one last go and ordered the Applicator Extra. We used it one day before and on the day of ovulation itself. That was the first time we managed to get pregnant! I was so, so surprised I couldn't even describe it!” 

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TTC Couple in Their Early to Mid-30s Finds Success With a Little Guide(ance)

After TTC for almost 10 months, Celena, 34, and her husband, 36, finally got pregnant with the Sperm Guide without costly and invasive IVF. 

“Things like ovulation kits, supplements, you don’t know if it will really help you, there are no testimonials and little to no context. Simply put, you’re just blindly spending money hoping that it will help. 

The doctor also could not advise on specific lifestyle changes or tools you can use to improve your chances of getting pregnant. As a result, many TTC couples may feel like this is fate, and they have to transit to IUI and IVF as the only options. 

When I saw the Sperm Guide, it was quite small and didn’t look very threatening. I didn’t even know there was actually a DIY fertility product for men and women that you can use in the comfort of your own home. I explained the concept to my husband and how it would work, and it wasn’t too difficult to convince him to try it out. 

If I hadn’t found twoplus, I’d probably still be propping up my hips and lying in bed for 45 minutes after sex. That’s just a waste of precious time because it didn't work at all!” 

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If you're 35 - 39 years old 

Couple With Mild Vaginismus Got Pregnant on Their First Try With the Applicator

For those new to the term, vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction in which the vaginal muscles involuntarily contract during sex. As you can imagine, this makes it difficult for the penis to enter the vaginal tract, resulting in painful intercourse that increases the difficulty of conception.

According to the scientific literature, the prevalence rate of vaginismus is around 5-17%, making it one of the more common sexual dysfunctions among people with a vagina. 

“I’m a pre-school teacher in my mid-30s and so is my husband. We’ve been married for four years now and started trying for about 12 months.

We saw a gynaecologist after three months of trying unsuccessfully*. I was worried that it was either something wrong with my uterus or that my husband’s sperm count was possibly low. The gynaecologist said that the main issue was my vaginismus and suggested we use the syringe method since that would ease the pain. 

My husband and I tried naturally for a few months, and we also used an ordinary syringe that didn’t work.

I used an app to help me track my ovulation days and period days. We tried consistently before, during, and after my fertile period during those months. 

After five months, we tried the twoplus Fertility Applicator Extra just once this month (October 2022). And we got pregnant on our very first try!”

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twoplus Sperm Guide Helped U.K. Couple Conceive With Their Second Child With Multiple Miscarriages

Kate Bennison and husband, Mark, are a relatively young and healthy couple in their mid-30s. While the majority of couples in the U.K. successfully conceive within 1 or 2 years, the Bennisons’ journey would be a little more fraught. 

It took them 3 years battling fertility issues and enduring multiple miscarriages before finally giving birth to their first daughter, Grace, who is now 2 years old. 

Wanting another child to complete the family, the couple decided to try for their second baby. After 6 months without seeing success, they decided to use the twoplus Sperm Guide to heighten their chances of getting pregnant.

Using our twoplus Sperm Guide has helped the Bennisons overcome their fertility challenges, and it just might produce equally happy results for you too. 

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If you're 40 years old and above

Couple in Their 40s Got Pregnant With the twoplus Applicator Against All Odds

Are you feeling discouraged about your chances of conceiving in your 40s? After all, time and age-related factors like low egg count are likely working against you and your partner. 

That’s the fertility backdrop for Charlotte*, 44, and her husband, 46. Conception and health issues coupled with a heart-wrenching miscarriage dashed their hopes of having a child despite having been married for ten years. 

“It was always the plan for us to have children when we got married. But 18 months after we married, my periods stopped, and I was diagnosed with a low egg count. 

It looked like we might not be able to have children, and we decided to be comfortable with a life on our own. 

In 2021, I got pregnant by complete accident, but we lost that baby at 7 weeks. Although we had said we wouldn’t have children, that loss had triggered something in me, and I knew I wanted to try again, despite being on the wrong side of 40. But I was reassured by my GP last year that it was safe (and possible). 

We’ve tried for around 18 months before falling pregnant now.

My husband has an autoimmune condition that causes chronic fatigue. If I was ovulating during the week when he was working long shifts, we have no chance of trying to have sex to get pregnant. It was causing us stress, and I thought the Applicator Extra was an option to take the pressure off him.

We’ve been pregnant once before but that ended at 7 weeks. I’m 6 weeks [pregnant] now and just keeping everything crossed that this one sticks.” 

Charlotte's remarkable journey is a radiant beacon of hope, proving that conception is possible even in your 40s — and without IVF or IUI.  Try the Applicator Extra today!

Couple With 23-Year Age Gap Got Pregnant With the Sperm Guide & Applicator Extra 

Throughout 18 months, Jessica Swift, 28, and Steve, 51, spent thousands of pounds on doctor’s consultations, fertility tests, and fertility medications. But none of that worked until they used the Sperm Guide and Applicator Extra with donated sperm. 

“After trying for over two years, we found out that Steve has low sperm motility via a semen sample analysis. Also, Steve and I are not eligible for NHS treatment because he has two children from a previous relationship. Plus, my weight was an issue. 

We finally got pregnant with our first child in May 2022 after I inseminated myself with donated sperm using the twoplus Sperm Guide and Applicator Only*. The Sperm Guide stopped any sperm leaking out after removing the Applicator Only — the flap on the device drops down when you remove the syringe so as much sperm as possible stays where it needs to be. 

If IVF is too expensive, I highly recommend you to try twoplus’ range of at-home fertility aids!” 

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*Note: The Applicator Only is currently not for sale in Malaysia.